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Apr 26 2014, 08:42 PM
@Jiyaro and gabyelnuevo: I have the Deku Shield textured as the Pre-Alpha Shield for these three reasons:

1) So Young Link can actually hold the shield while using the sword

2) There only 2 Shields that can retextured to look like one Alpha/Beta Shields shields the most proplerly as possible, the Deku Shield and the Hylian Shield, and there two known Alpha/Beta versions of the Hylian Shield, they are most often referred to as A+B Shield and A+C Shield. So for me, it makes sense that Deku Shield gets A+B Shield texture since that came first and was more basic and Hylian shield gets A+C Shield texture as that was second and more detailed.

3) There was no real "beta" Deku Shield that bear any real significant difference which is why it's being replaced by the A+B Shield.

@Everyone: The A+C Shield texture for the Hylian still needs some work, so it'll be awhile before I can show that off. If anyone is interested in helping, let me know.
If youd like, i can make a new a+b and a+c shield for this project. Itd be rather easy for me, since i already did it with the TP hylian shield. Ill have to grab the models real quick. Ill pm you the download link for the models in skp form.
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As some of you may know, I have left the rom editing scene, never to return. I will be attending UNL. I will also be getting a job, so I will not have the time to run a community and make all of these projects.

I'm leaving you all in good hands. Sylux102, one of the best Maco staff members, will be carrying on in my stead. His forums are on Zelda64.net. Register there, since this website is archive only.

As for OoT 2D and Izou, I will be leaving those in the hands of GodsTurf's team, Lunar World. If you are fans of these projects, subscribe to them.