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Mooliecool: I dig how similar that is to the original LoZ logo. B-)

SpiderMegaSonic: Creative! B-) I suggest "Zelda Community" instead of "Zelda Modding Community", if you still have the source files. ;)
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2014 Maco64 Logo Contest · News
As some of you may know, I have left the rom editing scene, never to return. I will be attending UNL. I will also be getting a job, so I will not have the time to run a community and make all of these projects.

I'm leaving you all in good hands. Sylux102, one of the best Maco staff members, will be carrying on in my stead. His forums are on Zelda64.net. Register there, since this website is archive only.

As for OoT 2D and Izou, I will be leaving those in the hands of GodsTurf's team, Lunar World. If you are fans of these projects, subscribe to them.