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Hello Maco64 Community! As you may have noticed, this forum has undergone quite a few major changes. Since the forum no longer caters to just Zelda64 ROM hacking, Flotonic and I have decided that the forum's logo should be changed to reflect the recent changes to the website. Rather than having a single member design one, it was decided that a contest would be started in order to allow all members an equal chance to contribute to the forum. So here are the rules and regulations of the 2014 Maco64 Logo Contest:

1.) The logo must contain "Maco" and it must be clearly visible.
2.) The logo must be related to the Legend of Zelda series in some way.
3.) The logo should be no larger than 500x500 pixels, and no smaller than 100x100 pixels.
4.) The logo may not contain any names or other words , except in the case of "Community" and the like.
5.) Do not include a year on the
6.) The logo should be in .png format and uploaded to some other online image hosting service.
7.) Have fun with it!

The contest will end May 31st. Each member may only enter two logos. If you would like a logo to be replaced, please indicate which entry you would like to replace and it will be taken care of. At the end of the contest, voting will begin. A new thread will be started and any existing entries will be placed in the new thread. Changing entries will not be allowed at that point. It is our hope that starting a contest such as this will allow others to feel a part of our community. Not everybody has the technical ability to easily ROM hack or code something. But everybody has access to an image editor and an online image search service. We hope to see some really cool and unique designs from all interested members here at Maco64!
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2014 Maco64 Logo Contest · News
As some of you may know, I have left the rom editing scene, never to return. I will be attending UNL. I will also be getting a job, so I will not have the time to run a community and make all of these projects.

I'm leaving you all in good hands. Sylux102, one of the best Maco staff members, will be carrying on in my stead. His forums are on Zelda64.net. Register there, since this website is archive only.

As for OoT 2D and Izou, I will be leaving those in the hands of GodsTurf's team, Lunar World. If you are fans of these projects, subscribe to them.